Write your local MP regarding bill c-389 for canadians

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Re: Write your local MP regarding bill c-389 for canadians

Post by ashley » Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:27 pm

I am very happy to say that bill c-389 passed a third vote on wednesday with a vote of 143 for it and 135 against it. This is a major victory for canadian TG/TS and gender variant people. The bill could still be squashed when it comes time for the last step which is a final vote in the senate. This is the scary part as the conservative party holds the majority and almost every one of them voted against it including Stepen Harper. I will be watching with my fingers crossed when that happens. The other bad news is that if there is an election the bill gets put back to square one and we have to fight all over again. That being said, this is still a victory for all of us in Canada :D

Oh and here is a link that shows how they all voted:


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