Ttranswoman not allowed to compete as a woman in Crossfi

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Ttranswoman not allowed to compete as a woman in Crossfi

Post by tony38 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:16 am

This is an excerpt from an article in my home town paper (San Jose). In the SF bay area there are articles about transgender every day on TV and papers. what struck me (in this excerpt was the way her family reacted to her coming out. would that all families acted this way (and at a young age):

Jonsson is a believer in the CrossFit training method. Her 5-foot-4, 150-pound body — adorned with colorful tattoos — is sculpted with lean muscle. Speaking extensively about the legal fight for the first time, Jonsson added some details about her life while sitting in her attorney’s office.
She grew up in a supportive family environment in the South Bay. She said her father knew “I was a girl from when I was 5 years old.” Bullied throughout junior high and then in high school, Jonsson told her parents at age 15 that she identified as being a girl.
“No one was really shocked,” Jonsson said. “They were just waiting for me to tell them that my body didn’t match what I was on the inside. My mom took immediate action, getting me to see a therapist. I moved to a different high school and transitioned.”
Already taking female hormones, she underwent surgery eight years ago. To- day, her driver’s license, Social Security card and even birth certificate identify her as female.

From Tony38

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