Mtf needing a bit of help

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Mtf needing a bit of help

Post by Charlotte8 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:40 am

So first off I'm charlotte and I'm new here so hi
Second I'm pretransition and I am trying to do and wear things to make me feel less dysphoric and maybe help me later when I begin to really transition
At the moment I own a few pairs of jeans that pass as androgynous but are women's, underwear(panties), two pairs of plain leggings and one bra. However I find that bra uncomfortable and as it's a push up pretty unbearabl in my current situation.
I wear both parties and sometimes leggings under my school uniform and am thinking about getting sports bras to wear underneath my clothes as I wear a shirt under my school shirt under my school jumper under my school jacket so I don't think it wwould be noticeable andwwould help me get used to bras. Also I was wondering if I should also aquire a training bra to help get me used to bras or would a sports bra be fine?
I also shave body hair occasionally tuck etc but was wondering if there was anything else I could do or wear discreetlyas iI am pre everything to make me more ready for transition and to well be closer to what I want to be without being obvious as I really want to do everything I can without coming out to everyone
I am out to a couple of friends who are cool, accepting and willing to help get stuff or teach me things but they don't know where to start much like myself
a y advice would be greatly appreciated thank you
Thank you all x

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