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Post by Lindaj » Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:25 am

As many of us know, those just finding themselves will come to find out, the life we have been given is not always that easy. As we look back threw history we see many people through out many lands have been trying to be themselves. In most nations there are stories of native people who have been called twin spirited. Some tribal legends have scrolled on cave walls of warriors who where born one gender but lived another. Today, through science, we have found plants, trees, fish, mollusk, insects, single cell amoeba, some people that are inter-sexed, some Some children with a rare genetic condition appear female at birth but later develop a penis and testes around the time puberty. Through out all of this there has been issues based on beliefs that these things do not happen because bibles and wise man say so. As many of written scriptures caption there are only two genders. Man, the strong and mighty and Women the weak and timid. With that said, again lets look back into history and see the roles both gender played through out changing times. No, history lesson here, you can look for yourself.

Now to the point of my article. Today, we (I am using we as a general term for the human race) are still in the realm way beyond the ice age. We have not learned a thing to bring us of of the cold when it comes to seeing the world other than binary and gender roles. We have not accepted in full that a genetic male can be in a role of a genetic female, as past has seen it. We struggle with acceptance of a women in man's clothing or a man in woman’s. I ask you when did clothing become a judge of a person's worth? Oops, we all know that the better the class of clothing and possessions the better person you “must” be. Hence the phrase beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

On to the issue of being transgender, you are the person that you are because your mind is who you are. We simple rely on what we have been taught by past generations and social issues not to be who we are but to stand up and lie to the masses of whom they think we should be. At the same time slowly moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by years we are killing our self.

Till one day we look in the mirror and face to face say. “Enough” I am killing myself for them why not just get it over with and do it. We run to grab the knife, the gun, the pills, the booze, the car keys, jump in traffic, off the bridge. Worst yet when we decide to live we do things over the top to prove who we are not, join the military, work in the sex trade, take on dangerous things to support ourselves in many ways to afford living lies or just to afford living as who we really are.

We all do things and things that we do are not always who we are. But comes a day we are who we are and break down the walls we have and society has built. As we see today and in these times we are reading more and more about Transgender people standing up to be heard. Those are the leaders of today and that is what history will keep expanding on.

So Sisters, Brothers, Supporter, Allies and alike help us remember those before us and those that will come after us and so we live on.

Hugs to all, Lindaj
Live today for all it is worth for tomorrow may never come and if it does it will be today.

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