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jennifer marie cato

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:29 am
by marlas1too
jennifer I loved you the first time we met in real time. It was love at first site and a soul love from deep down
when you died in my arms that day you still said i love you in the end and my last words was I love you and please don't leave me
I feel you around me all the time ,I feel you in bed with me at night. i can't move on like people say to me all the time for to do that in my mind and heart is to leave you behind and forget you.That will never happen. I have loved you more than I have any other and knew you as my soul mate. I truly miss the hugs and the quiet talks while we my days are filled with loneliness and dark nights. I wait till the day we are reunited in another time another place
our time was short but it so full of love and understanding.
I gave you your srs first because somewhere in my heart I knew we only had a short time together and i wanted you to have the right body.even to this day i know i wont get mine but you have always come first in my life

rest in peace my love I love you so much

Marla marie Cato ==== your Mrs. Cato