mm poem (stop it)

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mm poem (stop it)

Post by exx » Sun May 15, 2011 12:49 am

i look up

and the walls are closin in on me

thier fallin 2 my feet

everythin is runnin through my mind

but all i hear is my voice sayin

u aint got no more time

its gettin louder

theres cryin in tha background

but wait its me

i can see the vile indecency

i cant take this painful secracy

fallin 2 da my knees

the weight of my pain is crushing me

i can feel my demons takin me

my strength is leavin me

all i can do is scream

but no one hears my pleas

i see a gun on the for

pic it up cock it

put it 2 my head

then i hear STOP IT!!!!!

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