Revenge with a Grimore

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Revenge with a Grimore

Post by MascariaDark » Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:51 pm

time is of the essence
you all need be taught a lesson
of what it means to be in pain
your Ignorance bliss pitiful shame
for you I have the perfect thing

candles well dimmed in shiny rings
crucifixes in lovely chains
a special book with all my dreams
in if you saw it i'm sure you'd scream

and hide behind your little team
of bullies you think could make a change
but trust when i say it wont change a thing
i'm very well versed in thou arts
it only takes a second for me to start

a circle some blood sacrifice so nice
the only thing needed is a full moon
and what do you know its a full moon
the date the time perfect align

now time for me to take revenge
and watch as you all suffer within
you reap what you sow better think fore you do
cause all of your actions will come back to you

and i'll be damn if I don't react to you
I guess will both suffer an eternal dark doom
if hell is my price then i'll pay with my life
give up my soul in burn in hot coals
for I rather be in hell then live among fools

note: this is just a poem not directed towards anyone maybe how i feel sometimes but i wouldn't really harm anyone seriously i mean it i just feel like it sometimes -.-....
I wouldn't harm fly well maybe if it kept buzzing in my ear but that really gets annoying sometimes.....

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