Mirror Mirror On the wall

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Mirror Mirror On the wall

Post by MascariaDark » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:53 am

Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall
tell me if you see anything at all
a young woman stands before me
dark reflections I can see
deep inside is a mind so comprised

full of love & joy that thrive
but you hide behind a lie
scared of pain and loss combined
all your feelings crash collide

you cover yourself and dark
to shield your heart
but you can't grow because
to loss is to know

the value devotion trust
all means to be open
and you are locked tight
and choking

breathe let out your inner beauty
and you will see not everything
is as they seem the grass
is really greener on the other side

there is a up to a down a left to a right
so smile and stay bright optimism is your light
and your future there is a happy ending
but remember theres always two sides to a coin
so play your cards right and push on.

thank you thank you mirror on the wall your knowledge
has helped me to move on. :D

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