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Post by SakuragiIina » Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:32 am

Relationships, relationships for a trans-woman like my self, getting a boyfriend might be lookd on as difficult and from the male perspective(boyfriend) a bit confusing at times.

And yet a trans-woman has a few advantages up her sleeve that a biological woman dos not, and yet this things are often locked upon as a drawback by over selves as well, when if locked at from another perspective cold be advantages in a relationship.

It Is quit ironic then that over advantage is the very thing that scared over memories and past. It is the fact that we for better or worst we have lived a part of over lives as the other gender and have experienced “both sides if the fence” as it wore.

Now unless someone has the primitive attitude:”Oh you have X between your legs you are a Man(picture of shirtless Arnold Shwarcheneger)” One would relies that the fact we have lived a part of over life as the opposite gender means we understand them better then a biological woman. And thus we are more understanding of him in cases when normally it would be a problem would not be or les of an issue, and things that usually divide cold connect us and make over relationship stronger.

For instance I was raised in a computer heavy impairment and a play computer games from very early on. In my primary school and high school a small emote of girls plaid games and when they did they wore completely different. But since I have plaid the same kind I am good at them and I can turn what might be a:” Oh no he is playing that stupid thing again.” Into some kind of cyber date. Yesterday we went to a romantic fancy restaurant and today we are running round WOW or killing Nazis.

Of cores this splays to so mach more then just games, and gives us an insight into them in general. A trans-woman is just a feminine and sensual as a biological woman. With the added bonus of knowing men better, the same go’s for F2M. And can be beneficial for one self and ones partner.

Ower past might not be what we would like it to be, we may have been denied things we felt wore natural for us. But we must persevere and instead of locking back and seeing the bad things we can learn lessons that today might benefit us, and otherwise cold not be learnt.


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