My story,recponce to Leelah suicide

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My story,recponce to Leelah suicide

Post by SakuragiIina » Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:02 pm

(part I)

I am writing this as a resolute of Leelahs suicide, hoping that in some small way telling my story might help to provent such a disaster from repeating itself, I should know I died ones before.

Now unlike most trans people who feel like a boy or a girl in the body of the opposite gender, with me there was no doubt as to the nature of the situation that I was a girl not a boy. I could remember being a girl, but the city was weary different then totay.

I was born in 1890 to an middle-class family in what was then Austro-Hungary, more specifically Croatia( In case you do not know the little bird shaped thing to the right of Italy on the adriatic caste line) in the city of “Varaždin”. My name was Anita

My father was named Antun and mother Marija (eng:Mary), father was a banker and the building where he worked stands to this day, my old house not so mach. Mother worked at home keeping the house running. Father was in a mid level possession in the bank, so a wealthier middle class family.

The school I whent to stands to this day thou in is no longer used as such, and the parks wore mach prettier. My education was longer then what was usual. The next big thing that happened to me was that I met Andrj, like my father he was in banking and booth dealt with what I can describe a stocks outside of their bank jobs, a bit leter on so would I , I would help out Father with it.

That was when I first met the man who would become my husband, thou I my self did not have an official job, I did deal with the stocks and written for the local newspaper, mach like upper-class ladys of the time.

Eventually 1914 cam and with it the grate war, by this time me and Andrej wore dating as it wore. Sot to see him of at the train station. I remember is so vividly, he had gray pants a brown jacket a cap and a brown leather suitcase, as the train steamed of I did not know if I would see him again. We regularly sent letters to each other.

In 1916 during leave he came to see me and we ended up going to a party, by that time he was an officer. During the party we might have had one too many glasses of red win, so we left in a really really good mood, it was late so we had gone to a motel or something like that an ended up in bed together. As a result I got pregnant.

Mother was all right with it, Father not so mach, but eventually both families came up with a satisfactory social and fanatical arrangement, we would get married on the next free occasion, since Andrej was of fighting a war.


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Re: My story,recponce to Leelah suicide

Post by Dantor » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:32 pm

Very heart felt and nicely written, thank you for sharing.

I will split it into 2 parts like the main-top thread says, "READ THIS! RULES FOR POSTING YOUR POEMS AND STORIES!" poems and stories need to be under 400 words here for better responses and views.

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