My story,recponce to Leelah suicide (part II) by SakuragiIin

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My story,recponce to Leelah suicide (part II) by SakuragiIin

Post by Dantor » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:37 pm

In 1917 I gave birth to my sweat baby girl Alexandra, she had brown hair and green eyes just like me(now I have have brown hair and brown eyes) later that year me and Andrej got married in St Nickolas’s church, soon he had to leav ones more but when the grate war ended he came home alive and with all he’s limbs attached. After that we moved in together and moved to Zagreb.

Now the country was called “The kingdom of Yugoslavia” (not to be confused with Titios Yugoslavia). We had a seedy income and razed Alexandra, but in 1922 that would all change.

I was in what could be described as a taxi, I do not know where I was going. The car eventually came to a crossroads when suddenly in front of up pulled up a horse drown caradge (pretty cowmen back then). I remember seeing two brown horses in front of us. The driver maid a split second turn to avoid hitting them. What he did not realise was that it brought us strate into the path of an oncoming truck. Crash, the truck smashed into the car ant throwing it on its side, I must have hit my head pretty hard and at my waist line on the right side I was bleeding badly, it felt as thou something had gone in my rib charge.

As I lay there in the overturned car locking up at the sky through the broken door window in the other side, a stadeky buzzing noise filled my head. A police officer caim by reched hes hand on to help me, I could see he’s lips moving but I could not hear him as I cloased my eyes for the last time. At the time Alexandra was 5 years old.

Well that is the short version anyways, and then in 1993 I was here again in the same city a different name different body, but I was still me I still remembered. I am still Anita Panler, as I was before. I found a two dinar Yugoslavian kingdom coin which I keep as a reminder since I as Anita would have seen it.

I have goten a second chance I am still here. Leelah nor others who did the same thing for the same reason are not. Perhaps my story may serve some purpess in to incuredge someone.

Yours sencirly S.Anita.I.

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