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Echo In The Wind - Poem By Angela Bridgman

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:19 pm
by TGTarheel
An echo in the wind
Screaming her every word
Wanting only to be heard
Is it really so absurd?

A girl without a home
Fights her internal war
Beaten, battered, bruised and sore
Is there really nothing more?

A spirit without form
Three and twenty years grown
In a body not her own
For what sin must she atone?

An actress on a stage
Her life has been so cursed
Will every day just get worse
Her every move rehearsed?

Heart yearning to be free
Her self for all to see
Or will she forever be
Just an echo in the wind?

This poem was written at the age of twenty-three...almost hakf my life ago...when I first transitioned.