An Ode To Pat (McCrory) - a poem by Angela Bridgman

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An Ode To Pat (McCrory) - a poem by Angela Bridgman

Post by TGTarheel » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:31 pm

I wanna tell y'all a story
'Bout a man named McCrory
Made a law 'bout who can use what potty
Rest of the world thinks he is rather dotty
This man is a bigot
Can you dig it?
North Carolina often wonders
How one man could make so many blunders
But come November we're gonna make him pay
When we vote his butt out on Election Day!

NOTE: The original version was one word different, hanged here to keep it clean in the last can figue it out.
This thing went a little viral in the month before the election and started showing up in places I never published it, lol

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