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Various Helpful Trans Related Sub-Reddits

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:55 am
by metaltasha
These links and sub-reddits have been an invaluable resource during my transition, and I hope they can be of use to others as well. - A general question forum regarding anything trans related. Very active and helpful community! - A sub for buying and selling trans related goods. Also has links to online merchants selling trans related goods. This sub is relatively new, and seems to be kept up by one or two people, updates are slow. Good prices for prosthetics! (it has ftm stuff too despite what the name says) - This sub is a support group/question forum for the significant others of trans people. Very active and very supportive. They offer amazing advice and are very friendly. - This is an amazing sub for ANYONE who enjoys makeup, any age, boy or girl. Constructive criticism only. This is one of my favorite forums Im frequently on it and I highly suggest it to any of you girls(or guys!) who enjoy makeup or need helpful advice on how to get started. Very active and supportive community, there are a lot of professional makeup artists active too. Ive never had a bad experience. Quite a few trans people here other than myself! We also have contests and makeup giveaways, and secret santa gift exchanges for all the major holidays except Christmas! (too much financial burden for some so we don't do it anymore) - This sub is generally trans specific news, links to news you wont find on your mainstream outlets. Good for keeping up with changing laws and such. - Like video games? This forum is for you! Very active and fun/supportive community of trans gamers across all platforms. I have made many real life friends here. Everyone is very awesome. - This sub is similar to the r/trans link just above, with links to news, but also seems to be used to point out transphobia in the media in an effort to bring it to light. Its not all negative, there's plenty of positive things as well. - This is a sub that is meant for you to post a picture (video clip, sound clip, hologram) of yourself so that you can get other people's opinions on how well you pass. This is a place so that you can see if you pass, how well, and, if you don't, what you could change so that you do pass. Very positive atmosphere. Constructive criticism only. People are nice and dont pick you apart, this sub, in use with the r/randomactsofmakeup sub above can be very helpful. - This is an amazing sub for trans people to share positive, funny, and heartwarming things that hit you right in the feels. Faith in humanity is restored here. - This is a place for all trans identified individuals, those questioning their identities, and allies. This one can be helpful, but theres a lot of news spam. Moderately active community.

I hope this is helpful.

<3 Tasha

Re: Various Helpful Trans Related Sub-Reddits

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:37 am
by Dantor
We already have a link for Laura's Playground in our Links section (under TransGender rooms) metaltasha but thank you.