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About Therapist

Post by Dantor » Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:31 am

Always look for a therapist trained in GD/GID (gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder-old name) and not a regular/general therapist (untrained and inexperienced in TG needs). If you are seeing or going to see a therapist for TransGendered issues ask them if they are trained for TGs and what kind of training.

A general therapist should be honest and refer you to one trained for your special needs. A good friend in the field suggested you get/fight/advocate for your needs and NOT just trust the system. The field is growing and new guidelines are being made to help and stabilize the resources available to the TransGendered community (about time!) so get the best help you can.

A good gender therapist will never judge you, never make you feel uncomfortable or make you question yourself and who you are (not even a professional can/should tell you who you are). They are there to help you and make you feel better about yourself and help with your needs and concerns.

A good gender therapist will help and guide you through your transition and has the experience and understanding to give you the best advice and information available. Just remember they are people too and not everyone is right for everyone, sometimes you have to visit a few to find the best one for you.

Good luck and have a safe and wonderful transition and life :)


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