Adding 5'oClock Shadow

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Adding 5'oClock Shadow

Post by Phelan » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:04 am

Ok, this one is for the fella's :D !

You will need:
1 eye liner pencil (preferably dark brown or black)
1 washcloth
1 big wad of toilet paper or kleenex tissues
1 bout of good patience
1 good sense of humour

Use the eyeliner and trace around your jawline with the eyeliner pencil. Don't be afraid to make it a little dark. Now when you do the top line remember that mens facial hair follows generally around the bone lines... so follow your cheek bone as a marker for the top line, this line should start at your side burn.

Once you have your outline you should add random lines about 1-2 fingers lenght apart. Again, don't be afraid to make it dark, we're gonna fix that later. ;)

Ok now that you have your outline and some filler lines take your toilet paper or kleenex tissues and start with the outline. Always work the outline along the line you made it on first. Then as it starts to blend in a bit work it into where the rest of your 5oclock shadow is. In small circles work your filler lines into the blend. If you "colour outside the lines" no worries, we have a washcloth, gently use that to bring the smears back into the shape or your 5oclock.

I'll try to post some pics of how it should look.

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