MTF, hide the shadow with makeup

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MTF, hide the shadow with makeup

Post by Roslyn » Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:51 pm

Didnt see this posted anywhere so i thought i would put it up, figure it might help some of the girls out there. I know it helped me.

For those of us with fast growing facial hair, our 5'oclock shadow can still be seen even after a close shave. Sometimes, even after makeup foundation is put over the shaved hair... it is still visible, or will be in a few hours. To combat this, we need the color orange. You see, the beard stubble appears mostly a dark blue color and opposite of blue on the color wheel is the color orange. So the idea is to use the orange to NEGATE the blue and then put foundation over that. This is an old trick actually, employed by make up professionals and transfolk for years.

Typically I just use orange lipstick on my upper lip or around my jaw line where the beard comes in thickest and darkest. I have an orange colored gel blush that works pretty well too. It needs to be something orange that will stick on its own, no powders like orange eyeshadow or whatever. blend it in and then put your foundation over it :) yay!

I realize electrolysis is a big thing now but not everyone can afford it, get to it at this very moment or maybe aren't interested in it atm.
Hope this helps someone :)

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Re: MTF, hide the shadow with makeup

Post by Marcie4you » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:50 pm

Dermablend works wonders!

I know it's expensive, but 1 jar has lasted me over 3 years....just get a shade darker than your own skin tone.....


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