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MtF Makeup Tips - Applying Concealer and Setting Powder

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:43 pm
by metaltasha
Alright, so last post we covered what to look for when buying concealer. Now, we learn how to use it. Like all makeup this takes time and practice. Youre not going to have that porcelain doll face youre looking for right away. No one wakes up one day with immaculate skills lol. The key is to not give up. Hang in there and keep practicing! So, Ill walk you through my old routine, post some pictures (some of them are old, sorry!) and some links to videos just in case you need extra visual aid. Lets get started...

So these are the tools I used to use to cover facial hair. On the left are sponges and primer, on the right is the concealer I used and a ceramic tile.

The primer is used to help the layer of concealer stay on your face. Like I said in the last post, concealer is oily as all hell. Your face also sweats and gets oily throughout the day. The primer helps the concealer stick on your face a little better. Its like some kind of magic. Its also totally optional, but I highly recommend working it into your routine once you're comfortable with your technique.

A little bit is all you need, were not doing the whole face, just the facial/neck hair area. Work it in with the sponge and let it dry. Next we move on to concealer/foundation. The best foundation will be thick. Like really thick.

This stuff is the Dermacolor by Kryolan I mentioned in the last post. Its a little pricey but worth it, as you get absolute coverage after the right practice, and a little bit goes a long way. Its very thick, which is where the tile comes into play. The tile is an excellent tool in any advanced makeup users collection. Its used mainly for cream based makeup like eye shadows. Creams as thick as the Dermacolor come out of the jar like clay. We need to use a finger to work out the lumps into a creamy consistency, like so...

Now its ready to go on your face. Usually, foundations are more liquid and are sponged onto your face. Since this is so thick, were just gonna use a single finger and lightly dab it onto your face. Work it in evenly and worry about blending it in after you get all the beard covered. Heres an old pic of me I took for a makeup blog with only half the beard cover on to show the concealing power. This is pre-hrt about 4 years ago.

The picture isnt that great, I dunno if I say that because I hate how I looked back then or if its the quality or something LOL...anyway, as you can see the left side is concealed and the right is not. Notice around my mouth the difference between the hues. The obvious blue under my skin, and the vibrant reddish-orange on the opposite side. This is why the red is so important. It literally EATS the blue. I gasped when I first saw this product being used on someone else. Once you get your beard covered fully, youll be left with a border of makeup and skin...learning how to blend it in is pretty intuitive, start from the makeup and lightly blend it upward or along the line. It takes a little practice, this part takes very little time to learn.

Next is Powder. We need to keep all the oily concealer on your face or else it will smear. Lame. So, we use powder matched to our skin tone to cover it, soak up the oil and keep it in place. This is what I use. A mix of a few shades of powder and a powderpuff. The powder is Revlon Colorstay Translucent Mineral Powder. Its among the best for its price.

Applying the powder is pretty simple as well. Get it on the powder puff and dab it on your face. Dont be afraid to be liberal with it. Make sure you have a good layer of powder covering all the concealer, then very lightly rub it in with the powderpuff. Youll see it blend into the concealer and darken a little to your skin color. Once youre done, youll have a finished product, like so.

Now, you have your beautiful canvas to work on, and next post I will cover either blush and contour, or eye makeup...havent decided yet.
If you want to take it a step further, I highly suggest you invest in some setting spray. Its an added layer of protection that keeps you makeup on your face. Without it, your makeup is prone to smearing, or rubbing your powder off. The spray saturates it, and then kinda glues it in place. Very worth it. I spray 3 coats on my face on top of my foundation and powder and my makeup doesnt smear or rub at all.

This is a link to the youtube video of Kryolans official video covering Dermacolor and its application, including powder, just in case you need some extra visual aid.

This is the same routine I use daily, although I dont need concealer anymore since the electrolysis. Now I use just a simple foundation. This is me today with just a light coat of foundation, powder, matte lip cream, spray and eyeliner. I never use blush or contour or eye shadows or do my brows unless Im on a date or doing a photo shoot. Just takes way too long LOL.

Anyway, I hope this helps and/or inspires or something. If anyone has any questions, please post them and I will be happy to answer them.

<3 Tasha

Re: MtF Makeup Tips - Applying Concealer and Setting Powder

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:52 pm
by Dantor
I luv pictures and those are great! (thousand words) thank you so much for this Tasha (salutes)