Everything You Need to Know About Binders

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Everything You Need to Know About Binders

Post by fish2 » Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:48 pm

Hello & Welcome!

This topic is about BINDERS! Yes, binders! dream they are fantastic, elastic, omg how can I get this thing off?! lol
Binders are our friends. They hug ever so snug that they literally can squeeze the daylights out of you if you’re not careful!

So, I’m here to give you the in’s and out’s of binders.

Now, as a young teen unable to afford a proper binder and unsure of how to get one; I did what any other teen would do and that’s bind with things ya shouldn’t bind with. And guess what, it hurt! I won’t tell you exactly what I did, but I’ll list some things you shouldn’t bind with and a reason why.

Don’t bind with:

tape - tape is not elastic; if you wrap tape around yourself you will be unable to expand your lungs, you will be unable to breathe and you could pass out. The tape will also stick to you and it would be too difficult to get off. twak don’t bind with tape!

ace bandages - ace bandages make my ouchies feel better by compressing them. However, binding with ace bandages will cause pain, discomfort and the inability to breathe. Ace bandages compress, yes, however when you bind with ace bandages they will continue to compress and compress and compress some more. Binding with ace bandages can cause you to break a rib or more. twak don’t bind with ace bandages!


Binders are a safer method of binding. I say safer because binders can actually cause damage if used improperly. Here are some tips and tricks to using binders.

When you receive your binder, practice wearing it for 1 hour at a time and gradually work your way up to 8 hours. Ideally you shouldn’t be binding longer than 8 hours per day.

twak don’t sleep with your binder on (you will be in so much pain in the morning) remember binders compress you and when we are in a deep sleep, we aren’t in control of our bodies all that much and you could end up breaking a rib or more. You can also have severe back problems or cause a heart condition. nono

twak don’t bind with 2 binders at the same time! One binder is enough stress on your body. Please, don’t bind with more than one binder at a time. nono

twak don’t use a binder with tape or a binder with ace bandages or a binder with ace bandages and tape at the same time. nono

Ordering A Binder:

twak don’t order a binder that’s too small on purpose! Ever heard of the phrase “measure twice, cut once”. That’s how it is with binders. Sometimes it takes a while to get your binder and you want to make sure you get it right the first time. So grab a tape measure and measure twice! Order once! If you order a binder too small on purpose you may not be able to put it on.

Binders will originally be too tight and will eventually stretch.

Binder Care:

It’s important to take care of your binder! It helps if you have two binders. Just in case one gets dirty and needs to be washed and ya just don’t have time to wash it.

twak don’t wear a dirty binder! Wearing a dirty binder will cause itchiness. If you are on T you could also get really bad back acne. Actually, this may actually be true even if you aren’t on T.

twak binder’s shouldn’t be dried in the dryer. They could shrink, don’t take the chance and dryer it, unless well ya want to. I personally dried it in the dryer and had no issues, but that doesn’t mean nothing will happen to yours.

You can hand wash your binders in the sink or the tub. I’ve heard of some people saying that the old school washer shredded their binders. Again, don’t take the chance if you have a top load washer. Unless, ya really want to. I personally washed it in the top load washer and nothing happened. Again, that doesn’t mean nothing will happen to your binder.

Awkwardness of Binders vs. Chests (basically how to arrange the chest in your binder)

This topic is a little ~cough~ awkward, but it’s a personal tip ment for first-time binders. So, some people have big chests while others have small chests. duh, doh If ya have a small chest it’s best to have your chest in the ~cough~ upright position. Basically, no need to push them down and to the side.
If you're a bit in the middle, you can try the upright position or push them down and to the side or just down.
If you're in the larger chested category, I’ve heard people say that pushing them down and to the side works or just down or just to the side.
Some days one way will work other days ya may need to rearrange things. It happens. hug

Where to get binders

A few places you could get binders are: underworks.com based in the USA and t-kingdom.com based in Taiwan. These two companies have been around for awhile. Do your research on the right binder for you. Youtube is a great place for video footage on binder reviews. Sometimes you may have to try out more than one kind of binder. Don’t get discouraged. We all have good binder days and bad binder days.

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Re: Everything You Need to Know About Binders

Post by Dantor » Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:45 pm

Fantastic thread Cole! (bows) thank you so much ;)

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