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FtM Info

Discounts for FtMs:

underworks.com or ftm.underworks.com offers a 10% discount for members of TGChatroom Enter "tgchats" in the coupon code box at checkout.

http://www.ftmguide.org/ Hudson's FtM Resource Guide - Everything a Transguy needs to know.

http://tiny.cc/jbdvew - Info on the effects of testosterone therapy

http://tiny.cc/j45mfw - Form for becoming exempt from the Selective Service

Important Info about binding:

Binding is a necessary evil for most FtMs. First thing is if you feel like you do not need to bind to pass as male and be comfortable with yourself, don’t. Depending on your size you might pass just fine without any binding needed. But, if binding is something you chose to do there are some things you should know to ensure its done properly and safe. First, never EVER bind with ace bandages or duct tape, or anything that is not designed to bind breasts. If you do not bind properly you can cause extreme, permanent damage to your body.

Binding to tightly or to long can cause:

• Fluid build up in the lungs/chestBreathing issues/lack of oxygenShortness of breatheBruised and broken ribs

Binders that are adjustable are not at all recommended because dysphoria causes people to bind to tightly. We strongly recommend Underworks binders (ftm.underworks.com). Getting your correct size is very important. If you are unable to measure yourself properly, a rough estimate can be found by using the number in your former bra size. (US/Canadian sizes) Again, I stress the importance of the correct size and using un-adjustable binders, or else the consequences could be the same as binding with ace bandages and duct tape.

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