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Tips and tricks to applying makeup.

Makeup! It's tricky business getting it right, and to many, it's a huge part of getting ready each day. The biggest thing to remember when applying makeup for daytime wear is this: the aim is to accentuate your most flattering features, not to create new ones. That's a mistake many people make; they overdo it and end up with makeup more suited for a night out rather than a subtle pallet for daytime.

For people with light skin, darker colours are more suited to nighttime wear, with the opposite being true for day; use lighter colours. The darker your skin, the darker the pallet, but don't go too dark, or you'll still end up with a look better suited for a night out.

With eyeliner, be sure to follow the lash-line closely; don't leave a gap between the lashes and the pencil line. If you do, you'll more often than not end up with a sort of look that hints at a lazy makeup job, even if it took you an hour to put your makeup on.

For people with big eyes, the more subtle makeup is usually better; if you use stronger shades, you'll end up making your eyes look even bigger than they are. For those with smaller eyes, strong shades are still not such a grand idea, but it doesn't produce quite as radical an effect as with large eyes; it is simply a look better reserved for night wear.

Earth tones are always the safest bet when applying makeup for daytime wear. Their subtlety gently blends with any skin in the right combination. Earth tones are very handy to have in your makeup stash, for the simple reason that they're completely foolproof, as long as they're not applied heavily. Use them in moderation, and you should always be just fine.

A very important tip when applying makeup: Be sure to have VERY GOOD lighting. If you're applying your makeup without proper lighting, you're very likely to end up applying it far too heavily; it always looks lighter in the dark, thus the importance of proper lighting.

I'll update this as I go, and if it's possible, I'll find a way to upload some photos for examples. If ever anyone has any questions regarding makeup application, please feel free to ask me in chat, if you wish. ^^ I have several photo examples readily available. If anyone wishes to see them, please just ask, and I'll post a few at a time on my profile so you can look them over. :) ~Finn~

Here is a link to my friend's YouTube channel, where you can find some wonderful makeup tips. He is a model, a photographer, and also a professional makeup artist.

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