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Athena: The Goddess of War, Wisdom and Feminine Craftmenship, born from the head of Zeus out of the consumed body of her mother Metis; Was prophesised by the Moirae(fates) That the next shall be a son that shall overthrow Zeus himself. Metis was consumed to keep this from happening only to have zeus himself bore his feature bethrower, yet fully female with a strong male characteristic based greatly all wisdom from both a male and female perspective.

Hermaphrodite/Hermaphroditus: Born Hermaphrodite by aphrodite to Hermes; was a beutiful male youth who throughted sexual advances from the nymph Salmacis. One afternoon took a sifted drink from her sacred river to be pulled in by the nymph and the two became one. Now known as hermaphrodite which also up until the term intersexed began was after this incident clad with female breasts and male genitalia. Once the favourite of aphrodtie then to her shunned daughter.

Achilles: In the Iliad adopts a female disguise and hides at the court of Lycomedes of Scyros, where he has a lesbian aquantance with the princess of Lycomedes, Deidamania resulting in the conceiving of Neoptolemus.

Atalanta: Abandoned by her father who wanted a son, grew up to be beuatiful and handsome and strong and was the only female athlete that truly made a name ofherself. In one version before a marriage She is to give up athletics. Artemis and Athena feel pity on her and is changed into a man.

Tiresias: The most famous and most inscribed. Tiresias was born from an original Spartoi (beings birthed from the vanquish of a sacred dragon of ares by Prince/king Cadmus of Arcadia and pheonocia) and a princess, walked into the forest one day to find 2 snakes consimating and fearful he fainted to wake up as his/her age of a teenage girl. Raised as the gods gifted but without the secret knowledges that were to be kept secret; Married off 6 years after there change Tiresias was called to olympus to judge a dispute between Zeus and Hera, 'which injoys consimating more man or woman' In which without knowing the answer was to be kept secret from man Tiresias answeres 'for a woman enjoys such an act 7 times the greater' causein Hera the goddess of Nature and womanhood to curse tiresias (and perhaps us all to this day) into a man with a womans heart. Zeus who felt bad for this and unable to retract the curse gave Tiresias the ability to Know all in future and in past on command and life 7 lifetimes long. later seeing Athena Bathing, was striked down off feet and blinded, athena feeling bad ofthe accident of blindness gifted tiresias with the ability to hear birdsong and talk amungst them with full understanding allowing Tiresias Great wisdom and Full knowledge of all things. Later Tiresias Joined the argonaughts, worked as an oracle traveling amungst all greece; helping heros such as heracles being the one whom gifted th labors from the gods to heracles. Bore many children inheriditng all present and past gifts one inwhich could change from male to female at will who was sold into prostitution out of guilt and jelousy. In death Tiresias made one final act telling Odysius at the river styx how to get home how and why he has indeed been led astray so long as well as how best to safely get there.

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