Should I? How did you do it and what happened?

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I wish I could tell you it's a wonderful world out there and everyone will accept you and understand and love the real "YOU"

I wish I could truly say life will be peaceful and things will be just the way you've always dreamed of and imagined.

I wish the guilt and load you've been carrying all your life will be gone and you can finally be free, but unfortunately for most it's not that way.

Many people will not understand and some will leave you and some will hate you. Some will hurt you and even worst, and that is wrong and it is unfair.

I strongly suggest you think about it long and hard. That you think about all possible out comes and responses and have plans and help.

You may lose your family, your friends, your job, everything but .... many people do it! It's not impossible it's just hard.

I strongly suggest you find a good therapist, learn all you can about who you are inside and what you want in your life and don't do it alone.

A good therapist trained in GID/TG issues can't tell you who you are but they do have the knowledge to help you find the answers. They have the experiences of many who have done it and lived a full and happy life.

You can do it! Just be smart about it and think it through. Again don't do it alone (if possible) and take your time and when your truly ready, not when others tell you when and how.

I hope we discuss this in great detail here and we share our experiences and help each other get through this and be who we truly are and who we were meant to be, just a person with needs and feelings just like anybody else...

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