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Here are terms which are important to know in the Transgendered community.

Someone who likes and respects the Transgendered. Used more pejoratively in some circles to mean a skirt-chaser.
Acronym - Assigned Female At Birth.
Acronym - Assigned Male at Birth.
The combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, look, identity and/or lifestyle.
A sexual response in biological males characterized by sexual arousal over the thought of being or becoming female.
Little or no sexual attractions and practices.
Is a person who feels that their gender is fully male & fully female, generally by switching between the two. For some people, the switch is between two very distinct genders, which some consider to be separate "facets" or "personas". For others, the switch is much more fluid, with more of a grey area. Transitioning is a difficult idea for many bigenders because it is difficult for a bigender person to achieve a presentation or body that allows them to be comfortable in both genders. Also see Gender Fluid
Clothing used to cover/hide breasts. Often used by FtMs.
Attractions to female and male.
Butterfly Woman 
English translation of the Native American term for a transgendered MtF.
What you are if the body you were born with and your gender presentation (clothes, mannerisms, etc) are aligned.
The belief and treatment of transgender and/or transsexual people as inferior to cissexual (non-trans) people.
Someone who dresses as the opposite sex as they are, either in private or public. Often related to a sexual fetish.
Drag Queen 
A male identifying with female/feminine but for whom the female persona is often a show or public display.
Drag King 
Female counterpart of a drag queen.
A state of feeling unwell or unhappy
The removal of facial hair or genital hair by means of an electrified probe inserted into the hair follicle.
(Facial Feminization Surgery), reconstructive surgical procedures that alter the typical male facial features to bring them closer in shape and size to typical female facial features.
Full Time/FT 
Being, living as a Transgendered all the time, at work, at play, 24/7/365.
F2M, FtM 
A person who was born a female physically but transitions to a male.
Gafe, Gaff, Gaffe
Garments/underwear designed to hide/cover/minimize a penis (used by MtF). Also used by male ballet dancers.
Individuals that do not feel that they fit into either female or male.
Gender Dysphoria 
A negative feeling toward one's current gender presentation.
Gender Fluid 
Moving between genders. To relate to neither female or male but drift between the two, sometimes more to male and other times relating more to female but never fully one or the other.
Genetic Girl. Born female and having a female self-identity.
Gender Identity Disorder. A diagnosis made by psychologists and physicians that indicates a patient is feeling significant gender dysphoria.
GRS/Gender Reassignment Surgery 
see SRS
Attraction to the opposite sex/gender.
Attraction to the same sex/gender.
Medication (usually pills or shots) prescribed by a doctor to change hormone levels in the body. This is usually estrogen in the case of MtFs or testosterone in the case of FtMs. Other hormones may also be prescribed to bring levels to a defined gender norm.
Born with both sexes, often with partial and not complete organs. The old non-politically-correct term was "Hermaphrodite".
Intense Pulsed Light/IPL 
A non permanent method of hair removal using a high intensity pulse of light to kill the follicles.
A medical-grade laser, in the red visible spectrum, used to essentially 'cook' the follicle and kill it. Only works on dark hair, not blonde, white or gray.
Acronym for Lesbian Gay Bisexual TransGender.
M2F, MtF 
A person who was born a male physically but transitions to a female.
Removing and or rearranging tissue in the breast area.
The surgical release and repositioning of the enlarged clitoral tissue forming a neo-penis. The tissue is enlarged from the effect of male hormone replacement.
The removal of the testicles (some times called poor-girl's SRS).
All kinds of sexuality, not limited to or inhibited by sexual choice, gender or practice.
Part Time 
Living openly as a member of the opposite biological sex only part of one's life, the rest of the time living in hiding or secret (closeted).
The surgical construction of a penis.
Post Op, Post, "Post-Operation" 
Has had SRS/surgery(s).
A person who is attracted to more than one gender or sex but not the same as "Pansexual" (pan is all, poly is many).
Pre-Op, Non-Op, Pre-operation 
Before any or no surgeries/SRS done.
RLE/Real Life Experience 
A process where transgendered people live full-time (usually 12-24 months) in their preferred gender identity for a period of time, often required before referrals for GRS/SRS
Significant Other (wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend)
Sexual Reassignment Surgery. Genital re-constructive surgery.
A medication that blocks the effect of testosterone.
Top surgery 
Breast implants (for MtF) or mastectomy (for FtM and not just removing tissue but rearranging and sculpting tissue).
Tracheal Shave 
The surgical procedure for removing material from the thyroid cartilage, producing a more female appearance of the Adams apple area.
Is an umbrella term that does not have a precise definition. It tends to include a very broad spectrum of gender-variances. Transgender does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; TGs may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual or asexual.
A person who is FtM, born physically female but identifies as being/is male.
Someone who has transitioned and identifies with another gender/sex.
Someone who dresses and acts as the opposite gender/sex for exhibitionism or show but not necessarily for personal reasons.
A person who is MtF, born physically male but identifies as being/is female.
Trans, Tranny, Shemale, Ladyboy 
Slang terms for transgendered. Sometimes/some countries can be offensive or pornographic in nature but not always.
Transitioning from one gender to another. This can, but doesn’t always, include surgeries.
A term that includes those looking for sex, dating, or just confrontational; abusive persons; and attention seekers in chatrooms.
Twin Spirit 
Primarily Native American belief in both a male and female spirit inhabiting the same body.
The procedure creating a neo-vagiana from the inversion of the skin of the penis and scrotum.
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